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Google crawling CSS

CSS Developers gain another advantage…

The benefit of building sites via Cascading Style Sheets is well documented, but Googlbebot is now beginning to crawl the actual CSS files on servers.

Ramblings about SEO: GoogleBot Crawling CSS Files.

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Google print & audio ads

The newspaper group Journal Register has just added Google to their roster of print ad suppliers. Journal Register has papers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. There are now more than 50 newspapers partnered with the program, and their radio ad system Google Audio has 700 radio stations lined up.

Journal Register joins Google ad program

Google begins limited test of radio advertising

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Google image labeler

Google image labler

For more accurate image results, Google has release the Google Image Labeler. It’s a game where two anonymous users tag a single image, then if the tag matches your partners, it is applied to the image which will help Google Images better organize their results.

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Adding a Skype button

I’m a big fan of Skype, so I just added a Skype button to my contact page. You should too. It’s very easy thanks jroller.com.

Adding a Skype from your browser.

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