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Websites are a thing of the past

Just kidding, but if you don’t feel the need to create a page, blog or any content at all, this guy has some great ideas on making some dough with AdSense – siteless.

Wisdom of Adsense – Top 10 Ways to Earn with Google Adsense without Creating Your Own Site.

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MySpace retail traffic

Due to MySpace’s traffic and ability to target a gigantic youth market, it is now driving more retail traffic than MSN Search. What that means is more people are clicking on the banners and ads on MySpace than MSN Search.

This has more to do with capturing a niche market than anything. MySpace’s demographics are pretty locked in and can serve up youth oriented ads while MSN must appeal to everyone at all times. Here’s the breakdown of traffic to online retail sales:

Google – 14.93 %
Yahoo! – 4.69%
MySpace – 2.53%
MSN Search – 2.33%

The complete story at TechCrunch.com

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Google + Apple sitting in a tree

Google CEO just joined the Apple Computers board of directors. I wonder what this will affect. The Apple browser Safari only owns about 3% of the market share. Maybe we’ll see that increase in time. Read the story here.

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Big money in blogs

This article shows some examples of blogs that have paid off extremely well. Although they only give examples of the biggest and best (Boingboing.net, Fark.com), they make mention that Coca Cola and Banana Rebublic are beginning to advertise on blogs. If the big boys are putting their bucks on blogs I imagine that trend will continue for quite a while.

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