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Laughing Dog Photography Website Redesign

We just launched Dustin Delf’s new website, Laughing Dog Photography. By we I mean Dave from Yellow Pencil and myself. I did the interface and the design and Dave did all of the thinking. =)

It’s a pretty playful site and I think it represents Dustin’s personality pretty well. The site gives Dustin the ability to edit his photos from anywhere.

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deVines Wine web site design

Try saying that 10 times really fast.

If you’re into wine in the Edmonton area or go to a few tastings here and there I’m sure you’re aware of the wine store deVine Wine, in downtown Edmonton.

I designed a website for them, which was developed by Yellow Pencil and CtrlSpace Applications.

Click here for deVinewines.ca

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Web Design Edmonton - BRT

I just completed work on a fun little job. It’s a one page web design through Yellow Pencil for Edmonton Bus Rapid Transit. It was a very quick turn around and I think we did a nice job.

It’s live at EdmontonBRT.ca

Sep 7, 09:19 PM by Josh Loewen {digg} {del.icio.us}

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mountainbike photographer website

I just finished work on Dan Barham’s site. DanBarham.com He’s an action sports photographer based in Alberta and British Columbia. It was designed and built in one day.

The success of this website design was based on whether the photos were featured well and it was easy to navigate. What I didn’t want to design was a website where users were being distracted from the photography by any akward navigation. Although it’s subtle, there are actually 4 different ways to navigate through the images of the website. I thought it might make it more fun to use.

I kept the graphics very monochromatic as to not interfere with the colours of the photos and it really makes the photography pop. Check it out.

Aug 21, 03:18 PM by Josh Loewen {digg} {del.icio.us}



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