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I blog once a year; Slow and steady wins the race

So it’s been over a year since my last blog post. Here’s my attempt to sum it all up.

1) I’m in the office in North Vancouver.

2) I’m a partner in the Internet Marketing company The Status Bureau to which I dedicate all of my time. We’ve been working with all sorts of clients in Alberta and things are going great for us.

3) I launched Lemonade’s website. the other day on the backbone of Yellow Pencil’s ecommerce system. Lemonade makes handmade handbags and cute stuffed toys for kids. The ladies love em!

4) I ride my bike to the beach with The Moustache Press once and a while. (Note: I do not ride with an actual press)

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Your web marketing campaign should have more...

Everyone needs a little taste of internet marketing and there are a million and one ways to popularize your site or get more sales. So where to start?

I’d recommend seeing the SEOMoz poll where internet marketing professionals are currently voting on the most overlooked search marketing technique. Personally, I voted on Landing Page Testing & Refinement to Boost Conversion Rates.

SEOMoz – The Most Overlooked Tactic in Search Marketing Is…

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New Yahoo! Paid Ranking

Yahoo! Search Marketing is unleashing their new paid rank model on February 5th. Here’s a synopsis of what’s changing, taken from the Yahoo! site:

• An ad’s rank will be determined by both bid amount and ad quality.
• Ads with higher quality can deliver a lower cost per click and/or may receive better placement on the results page relative to lower quality ads.
• Standard match type ads will no longer receive priority placement over Advanced match type ads.

This is what Google is doing, and I don’t really mind it. My advice to those out there with Yahoo! ads? Write better ads.

Yahoo! Tips to Prepare for the New Ranking Model

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Google print & audio ads

The newspaper group Journal Register has just added Google to their roster of print ad suppliers. Journal Register has papers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. There are now more than 50 newspapers partnered with the program, and their radio ad system Google Audio has 700 radio stations lined up.

Journal Register joins Google ad program

Google begins limited test of radio advertising

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