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Google can see you drive!

Every time Google releases something really innovative, it also seems somewhat invasive and my office mate Heath always mentions something about Skynet – the robot network that fought back in Terminator.

Google just added a traffic feature to Maps which allows us to see the traffic flow in major US cities. Very cool – very Terminator.

Here’s Google’s official post on the matter. (of traffic maps, not Skynet)

Mar 1, 11:39 AM by Josh Loewen {digg} {del.icio.us}

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Google made me Giggle

Google’s recent post about their logo made me giggle. Excerpt from the Google blog:

When you look at the logo, you may worry that we forgot our name overnight, skipped a letter, or have decided that “Googe” has a better ring to it.

Find the post here

Feb 14, 05:53 PM by Josh Loewen {digg} {del.icio.us}



The Search Engine Ninja

Working in SEO, I’ve considered myself a Search Engine Ninja… until now. It’s black, it’s sexy, it’s the new search engine on the block with deadly accurate search—> Ninja.com

Jan 30, 06:27 PM by Josh Loewen {digg} {del.icio.us}



Google image labeler

Google image labler

For more accurate image results, Google has release the Google Image Labeler. It’s a game where two anonymous users tag a single image, then if the tag matches your partners, it is applied to the image which will help Google Images better organize their results.

Dec 5, 03:36 PM by Josh Loewen {digg} {del.icio.us}



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