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Overview and Advantages of CSS Based Websites

A lot of clients ask me why I use CSS, so I hope to do a solid, short explanation of why below…

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. There are basically two ways to build a website interface – in tables or CSS.


Tables were designed to work for tabular data and work wonderfully for that purpose. Tools like Dreamweaver and Frontpage gave web designers the ability to visually draw tables without having to actually touch the code, and begin adding graphics and content to their tabular data. The vast majority of websites are built using tables.


Cascading Style Sheets came up a few years ago and are now the mainstay of the current web design and development community. They are slightly more difficult to build because there are no “drawing” tools and require an expert to fully execute – but the long term benefits are well documented and easy to understand.

The reason they have caught on so quickly is because sites that use CSS are:

  • easy to maintain – meaning less $ spent on revisions

  • easy to redesign – again, less $

  • search engine friendly

  • fully endorsed by the guy who kind of invented the internet.

  • fast loading

  • great on text-only devices

Well, I hope that gives you a good overview of the advantages of CSS. For further reading, read The Business Value of CSS.

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