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Skpe’s recent beta release has a feature called SypeFind which users can find local businesses and their contact information. You can also rate or comment on a business or ask your friend for a recommendation. Now all I need to figure out is how Skype’s listings are ranked so my clients can sit on top!

Time to try out some Skpe hacking.

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SEO Writing for people

There are a lot of internet marketing blogs and forums out there that will give you advice on improving your search ranks through targeting keywords and jamming them throughout your site, but the greatest advice of them all, (scientifically speaking): make sure your website doesn’t suck.

Aaron at SEO Book just posted more or less on how sites written for humans will end up paying off in the end which I agree with 110%.

Granted, there are many websites which aren’t for people and have enough positive SEO factors to outweigh the negative and do well in the results pages – but those sites don’t seem to stick around. There’s a certain threshold which a website cannot cross if the content is bunk because Google’s algorithms are designed to determine which sites people spend more time on.

Read Aaron’s post, If People Hate Your Writing, Google Hates Your Website.

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New Yahoo! Paid Ranking

Yahoo! Search Marketing is unleashing their new paid rank model on February 5th. Here’s a synopsis of what’s changing, taken from the Yahoo! site:

• An ad’s rank will be determined by both bid amount and ad quality.
• Ads with higher quality can deliver a lower cost per click and/or may receive better placement on the results page relative to lower quality ads.
• Standard match type ads will no longer receive priority placement over Advanced match type ads.

This is what Google is doing, and I don’t really mind it. My advice to those out there with Yahoo! ads? Write better ads.

Yahoo! Tips to Prepare for the New Ranking Model

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Google crawling CSS

CSS Developers gain another advantage…

The benefit of building sites via Cascading Style Sheets is well documented, but Googlbebot is now beginning to crawl the actual CSS files on servers.

Ramblings about SEO: GoogleBot Crawling CSS Files.

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