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Web Directions North, Day 2

The day kicked off with Molly E. Holzschlag giving a pretty funny little talk on crimes committed on the web. Designers and developers from all over the place stood up and confessed their worst mistakes while working on websites. The funniest had to be when a guy stood up and told us that he nested 9 tables and when he nested 10, Netscape would crash so he stuck with 9.

Then the Yellow Pencil crew and I saw an entire lecture and Q & A on microformats. The part I really enjoyed was when Dan from Simplebits showed some small examples of his CSS and how microformatting applied to his work on Cork’d, which is some beautifully executed web design and usability.

Later we saw Joe Clark speak on accessibility, which believe it or not, was pretty hilarious. Joe Clark really knows how to kick off a lecture and he had everyone laughing pretty hard.

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