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Web Directions North, Day 3

We broke for lunch and ate at the hotel restaurant which happened to be on the top floor and turned clockwise very slowly. We put a note on the window which went around the room. It read “Count yourself in if the spinning makes you ill”. We got 7 notches.

Kelly Goto opened with a talk titled Designing for Lifestyle. It was based mainly around user experiences with their devices and interfaces that they deal with on a daily basis.

Craig Saila from the Globe and Mail then gave an overview on the struggles of newspapers in today’s online world, how Google News started and how 9-11 altered how we think about online news.

Adrian Holovaty from the Washington Post then got up and showed some examples of how existing published online media is very interesting, but is in uninteresting formats which renders them boring, useless, or doesn’t fully explain the story. I really enjoyed this discussion as I’m usually responsible from turning a website design into a user experience design. His thoughts are summed up in his blog post. A great example of this was taking all of the committed crimes in Chicago (which are all being published online anyways), and creating Chicagocrime.org which organizes, and displays the information in a digestible format that makes it interesting.

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